The Ultimate Furman Survival Guide

Follow these easy steps to not only survive freshman year but thrive.

(These are actual tips from actual students passing on their wisdom.)

“Bring a toothbrush.”-Will

“Don’t over commit but be involved to three or four clubs you are passionate about.” -Liv

“Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to a random person.”- Avery

“Be intentional about forming friendships.” -Joanne

“Bring a fan.”-Ellie

“Bring a really long phone charger and make sure to download 2048 to play during class.” -Anna

“Bring shrubbery.” -Jack

“Bring a Keurig.” -Whitney

“I would say just follow what your passionate about and don’t let anybody stop you, including yourself.” -Reed

“The more you put into Furman, the more you get out of it.”- Sarah

“I’m a sappy senior who only has 6 weeks left on Furman’s campus. Here’s your job:  1.Treat everyone with kindness.   2.Never doubt someone’s ability to achieve greatness.  3.Be supportive of others.  4.Forgive those who need it.  5.Invest in your relationships.  6.Don’t let school dictate your life. You are more than a GPA, exam, or quiz.”- Sam

“Forget everything you think you know.”-Hunter

“Be yourself. Even if you’re weird. It works… and it’s fun.”-Morgan

“Don’t be afraid to back out of a club or organization if you just can’t fulfill the requirements. It will make you saner.” – Will

“It takes time to adjust, but it will happen!”-Sam

“Don’t be afraid of failure. Say hi, go to interviews, try out for stuff, and check some things off your bucket list.”- Kat

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