International Student Orientation

It has been a week since I moved back to Furman after summer vacation, and I have officially spent more time in Walmart than I have on campus. My “ride” has been a 16 passenger “swagger wagon” and I have taken more group selfies in front of the belltower than I am proud to admit. I have become “that crazy girl” running around campus with SIM cards and room keys, pillows and lamps.

I have met my French doppelganger, learned that Inner Mongolia is not actually in Mongolia, developed a new appreciation for elevators and Japanese Pop, and even figured out how to open a suitcase with a saw.

International Student Orientation never disappoints.

I am stepping into senior year with new friends from around the world, and I simply cannot think of a better way to kick-start this last year at my home.

For the second year in a row, I have had the privilege of welcoming students from across the globe to Furman University. In the two weeks of orientation I have been a part of, I have met as many people from other countries as I did during my entire study abroad experience last spring. I have been able to meet people from the corners of the earth without having to take a step off campus.

While picking up people from the airport, doing scavenger hunts around the lake, and exploring downtown are always a blast, my sweetest memories from the week have come from getting to know people and from hearing about the places in which they come from. I have found fascination in learning about different cultures and ways of doing life, and in discovering commonality between seemingly very different people.

For this one unique week, the world seems quite small. Amidst the chaos that comes from moving in dozens of new students and helping them start life in America, I find immense joy as people from all over come together in this extraordinary place.

The international student body at Furman is one way that Furman is set apart. Creating friendships from around the world has expanded my thinking, taken me outside of the southern bubble, and has instilled in me a passion for embracing cultures and individuals’ own unique stories.

And because of that, I am more than ok with being known as “that crazy girl.”


Caroline Reed

Psychology and Religion Double Major

From Roswell, GA

Class of 2018

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