An Introduction to #FUPaytonStyle

As one of your social media interns it only makes sense for me to start off my first blog post with an introduction of, well, me!

To get started, I’m originally, and I use that term lightly, from West Virginia (aka my entire family is from there but I lived there a grand total of a few months). These days, I reside in Asheville, North Carolina, also known as Beer City, U.S.A., “The Most Beautiful Place in America” (thanks Good Morning America), or the “Sin City of the South.”

At Furman University however, I’m a history major focusing in education with a plan to teach  high school history upon graduation. I originally came to Furman as an intended political science major, but quickly shifted when I decided I wanted to teach. I’ll let you imagine how that conversation went with my parents.

At Furman, I’m the definition of “over-committed” which is fine, because most students are. I am the Organizer of this year’s TEDxFurmanU conference (hit us up February 17th, 2018!). I also am the Vice Chairman of Baptist Collegiate Ministries and the Vice President of the Religious Council. In addition, I’m the Assistant Area Coordinator for housing in Manly and Geer Residence Halls and I give tours as an Admissions Ambassador! In other words, hit me up if you’re trying to get involved.

This year, I’ll be aiming to take you places a lot of Furman students don’t typically see, and I’ll hopefully expose you to the under-reported sides of the University as well. Throughout the entire adventure, I hope you see Furman University for what it really is: a supportive place you’re going to grow and love. In the mean time, see ya next week!

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