Welcome to My Life (Intro to Abby Mathai)

Name: Abby Mathai


Hometown: Plano, TX – which is really just a suburb of Dallas. The important part is that I’m from Texas, the land of the Cowboys, Beyonce and Tex-Mex. Basically the best things come from Texas.

Major: Psych? I’m not a 100% sure, but I’m interested in it.

Graduation Year: 2021, I’ve got a while to go.

Things I’m Involved In: Well, considering I’ve been on campus a grand total of 18 days, I’m still in the process of discovering what really interests me and what I want to do. I know I’m interested in helping with the Heller Service Corp and a couple other organizations, but when I figure it out I will let y’all know!

Favorite Class this Semester: My FYW Seminar is the bomb. It’s called Big Food: Media and Politics and it’s amazing. We talk about the effects the Food Industry has on society and all the factors that play a role in shaping how we view food like politics, advertising, the education system…etc.

Study Spot: I have a tendency to talk to any and everyone, so the library is the only acceptable place for me. Mainly because talking a lot is frowned upon, but there’s always people to talk to in case I need a break.

What’s Your Favorite Campus Meal?: Hands down, pizza. It never disappoints.

Where Can We Find You On the Weekend?: On a typical Saturday I’ll be sleeping in then I like to grab breakfast or lunch downtown with my friends and maybe take a walk/bike around the lake. My favorite weekend activity so far was heading to the Apple Festival in Hendersonville, NC. Two friends and I took a mini-roadtrip up there with some great music(everything from Taylor Swift to the Eagles), and spent a few hours eating apple funnel cakes and drinking apple cider slushies. Truly a day well spent!


Last Song Listened To: Noah by Amber Run

3 Best Things About Your Residence Hall?: First, my roommate is the flyest. She’s got a great music taste and she puts up with me really well. Second, I love that most everyone’s doors are always open, so we all just pop into each other’s room to chat or eat each other’s snacks. Lastly, I love that my Texas Flag looks amazing in my room.

What Are You Most Looking Forward To This Year?: This year I’m excited to really just experience everything college has to offer. From taking some really interesting classes to meeting so many new people, I love that it’s all new. I also love that there is club/organization for literally anything I could be interested in and that I could join a number of them!

Hobbies?: Traveling is an absolute favorite of mine. Reading and listening to music. Watching basketball or football. And chilling with my dog, Skip, who is the love of my life.


Recs for Movies, Books or TV Shows?: I love to laugh, so Arrested Development, Parks & Rec, Bob’s Burgers and New Girl are all wins in my book. I’ll watch most any action movie, but some of my favs are all the Fast & Furious(minus Tokyo Drift), Indiana Jones and The Dark Knight. I also love to read most anything so my recs change all the time, but right now I’d recommend A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra or the classic, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

Remember to also follow my freshman year adventures on Insta at the hashtag #Abbyrunningthroughthe864!

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