How To Choose The Right Organization(s)

Coming to Furman can be overwhelming. Scratch that, it will be overwhelming. You’ve left home, come to a new (and probably superior) city, Greenville, made new friends, have more classes, have new religious institutions, and more. Trying to pile a club or group on top of that can be difficult, and finding the right one can be even harder. Here’s a few tips for you so you can figure out which clubs you like, and have time for, when you get to Furman.

1. Sign Up For Every Email List

Look, we all hate spam, I get it. However, you’re going to be interested in ten to fifteen clubs while at Furman, but you just wont have time for all of them. So, by signing up for email lists, you can get the low-down on all their events. So, even if you don’t join, you can still attend their events.

2. Go To The First Few Meetings

The first few weeks at Furman are the least stressful, so take up some time by attending the first two or three meetings of each club you found very interesting. You won’t be able to stay in all of them more than likely, but you can get an idea of how much commitment each expects, and what you’ll likely be doing if you join their organization. Attend the first few weeks of meetings and figure out which ones suit you best!

3. Pick Two or Three Clubs You Want To Make An Impact In

In the end, you’re only going to be able to find time for two or three organizations to be apart of. So, after you attend several meetings of all the organizations you’re interested in, find two or three you think really speak to you and that you can see yourself making an impact on or taking a leadership position in, and give it your all!

4. Enjoy All That Furman Has To Offer.

Furman has over 150 organizations and an entire staff dedicated to ensuring your organization has the tools it needs to succeed. Furman organizations are amazingly efficient at advertising, communication, co-sponsoring, and more. This is truly an institution where the people are here to look out for you.

So, in summary, Furman is the place to be if you’re the person who enjoys making an impact, being a leader, and being involved.

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