4 Reasons Why Susan Zeiger is the Best Human Ever

For those of you who do not know, Furman is known for it’s Study Away and Internship opportunities. Furman offers internships in places such as Greenville, Washington D.C., NYC, and even abroad. One of the ways to learn about all of these phenomenal internships is to schedule a meeting with Susan Zeiger, the Internship Program Director. I had originally planned on finding an internship for the summer on my own. However, after hearing a lot of my friends talk about how great their meeting went with her, I made an appointment myself. I had no idea that when I left her office that I would be such a huge advocate for this incredible person. Of course there are many, many more, but here are 4 reasons why Susan Zeiger is a remarkable human being.

1. She is the best listener

First off, she doesn’t sit behind her desk. She comes and sits at a table with you and makes you feel like you have her undivided attention. She then asks “well, what are you looking for?” and suddenly you just find yourself rambling on and on about your dream internship. When you have finished, she asks clarifying questions to make sure she fully understands what you want. From there, she makes suggestions that either add to your goal or may redirect it a little. However, her feelings are not hurt if you do not care for any of her suggestions, she is here for you.

2. She is beyond organized

I walked into her office and she had a copy of our initial email printed out on her desk. Throughout the whole meeting she took copious notes on that sheet of paper and made sure to include everything she had noted in her follow up email. She then makes sure that you know how to navigate through Furman’s internship database (which is beyond impressive, btw). 4e2560763f1ea23946998145d0d54a0d

3. She believes in your dreams

No matter if you want to intern at an accounting firm in Greenville or work in a PR Firm in London, she believes in them all equally. Nothing is too big or too small in her eyes and she goes through all the avenues of how your goal can be achieved. She thrives on your success and wants to do anything in her power to make sure that your goal is achieved.

4. Her follow up emails are ridiculous

I already left my meeting with Susan feeling so pumped. However, I have never been so excited then when I received her follow up email. She recapped our ENTIRE meeting, reminded me of what my next step was, and reassured me that she was more than willing to be a mentor along the way. Applying for internships is always a daunting task but it is so nice knowing that there is someone in your corner who is not only a great resource, but is also cheering you on along the way.

Moral of the story, if you haven’t set up a meeting with Susan Zeiger, why not?


Till next time! Peace’n’blessin’s


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