The Unsung Hero of Campus: Russ Kagan

Everyone at Furman University has a favorite professor and/or staff member. It could be anyone: Dr. Henderson in Education, Ms. Bonnie in the Dining Hall, Rolyn Rollins in the Cothran Center. One you’ll hear a lot though, is Russ from P2X.


Russ isn’t a favorite because he gives you the goody mail that people send you (although it doesn’t hurt). What does put him on the favorites list is his cheery personality, his ability to learn your name, where your from, and your entire background.

Adding on to that, he’ll always welcome you with a smile, probably add you on Facebook, and always be a shoulder to lean on when you have a bad day. If you take a tour of Furman, he’ll likely stop your tour and talk about P2X himself because why not? He’ll inform you he sees 400 students a day and absolutely loves his job (which is very obvious if you’ve ever met the man).


If you don’t know Russ, you’ll quickly find out he’s been seeing his wife since high school (#relationshipgoals), he loves his job, and he describes giving you your mail as “Christmas a 100,000 times a year.” This is a man you’re gonna meet, and if you don’t, you’re gonna wanna meet anyways.

In summary, Russ is my favorite man on campus. It’s a hard pick though, because there’s so many individuals across Furman that will impact your life in so many different ways. Russ though, is just a bit different. He isn’t in charge of your grades, he doesn’t clean your bathroom, and he doesn’t serve your food. He’s a man you can get to know as just that, a man.

I feel like the best way to wrap up Russ is in the words of my roommate from last year, “Russ is the man I’ll miss the most when I leave Furman University.”

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