Welcome To Our Crib: Furman Edition

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 2.59.12 PM.png

Have you ever wondered what a Furman University apartment looks like?

Good thing you’re here! You’re about to get the full apartment tour: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living area, and a kitchen.

I surely wondered what one looked like prior to coming to Furman. At the time, even as a rising junior, I had no idea as to what the layout looked like besides from viewing the diagrams on the Furman housing website. I needed an idea to see what my apartment could and would look like.

Here’s a short video for you to get an inside look at what the living situation in North Village looks like here at Furman:


Now that you got the full tour….

That certainly was no MTV cribs feature, but we made the most of collaborating to make our apartment warm and welcoming.

Don’t forget: #imyourPALauren

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