Experience The Furman Advantage

The first time you experience The Furman Advantage will be when you commit to come to Furman and the weight of the college decision process is finally off your back. I wasn’t as aware of it then, but now I am so grateful and proud that I attend a school that offers me an individualized education.

I primarily chose to come here because I knew I wanted a psychology degree. While I found psychology at other colleges to be a kind of cop out major, Furman’s psychology program knocked my socks off. I’m only a sophomore psych major, and it is so rigorous, but in the most enjoyable way. My professors work hard to get to know me and make time for me outside of class, along with all of their other students. This makes the whole learning experience so much more fun, even though it is difficult.

Something that is especially useful in the psychology department is that Furman provides students with the opportunity to do their own research or participate in our peers’ studies. I participated in three studies last year, and it was awesome to see people I was in class with taking the initiative to answer their own questions with the help of their advisors. Which brings me to another point…

Along with a personalized pathway, Furman provides us with a great team of advisors for academics, outside activities, internships, job searches, etc. It’s difficult to run into a problem here for which there wasn’t a service dedicated to helping you. We meet regularly with our advisors who happily inform us on what we need to be doing to prep for summer or the next semester.

Long story short, Furman is not just hosting its students for a 4 year rendezvous. Everyone here is working for us and putting forth a great effort to ensure that we receive and achieve the most out of our time here. Your Furman education affects you long after you graduate, and provides you with connections both nationally and internationally. That, my friends, is the Furman Advantage.

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