5 Best Places to Study on Furman’s Campus!

1. The Roof of the Student Center on a cool day

This place is beautiful Never too loud and it allows for great people watching! Especially on a nice fall or spring day (even during midterms/finals).

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2. One of the South Housing Lounges

I took these for granted when I lived in Soho and now, I wish there was a study as close to me as Daniel and Earle were! Freshmen, USE THESE LOUNGES!!!!


3. Johns Hall

Johns is typically quiet and lovely if you’re looking to study for a test or presentation!

Johns hall

4. Furman Hall

At night in Furman Hall there are lots of empty classrooms that you can study in which can be a more peaceful scene change from the library.

furman hall.jpg

5. Outside next to the lake!!

This is my FAVORITE place for doing some class reading or reviewing for a test. 10/10 would recommend.


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