The Younger Sib

I love Furman. I really do. For the little time I’ve been here, I can honestly tell you that I’ve become attached to the people here and the memories I’ve already made. However, in all honesty, I was hesitant to come here. Not because of the people or the school or the city. I did not want to come here because my brother went here. In my mind, it was his school, his experience and I did not want to do the same thing as him. For a while, I almost disregarded Furman because of it.


Now this may sound dramatic to some of you out there. But that just means you’ve never been the younger sibling. While I can admit my initial reaction to Furman was slightly dramatic, I feel there was some truth to it. I hope this resonates with some of you out there, otherwise just pretend it does and keep reading.

Maybe you’re the younger sib or your parent(s) went here or some other legacy connection is dissuading you from coming here to Furman. I can imagine people keep telling you that it’ll be fine and that it won’t make a difference, and you’re thinking what the heck do they know. Well, as someone who actually knows what you’re feeling, let me tell you that life has a way of working out.

Even after my decision to come to Furmz, I was slightly skeptical that I could make Furman my own experience and call it home (not to spoil the surprise, but I was wrong). I’ve only been here 6ish weeks and life is great! The biggest thing I’ve discovered is that Furman is what you choose to make it. What your sibling/parents/whoever did here at Furman and the experience they had is going to be different than yours. There are some obvious things that can’t be changed, but your four years are unique to you and the decisions you make.

One piece of advice: don’t let yourself make decisions based on what someone else did or didn’t do. Maybe that means picking a college or maybe that’s being involved in organizations/activities that your sibling was involved in (I speak from experience in both). Take the time to think for yourself and figure out if Furman is where you need to be. Personally, I’m stoked I chose to come here, because Furman is without a doubt the place for me.

My point is, don’t get stuck on the idea that Furman is a sisterhood-of-the-traveling-pants situation where every person has the same college experience that just gets passed to the next person. From the wise words of Hannah Montana, “Life’s what you make it”.


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