A Day In The Life

As a high school senior, I was always curious about what everyday life looked like for college students. Would I be overwhelmed, rushing from class to class? Would I be studying into the wee hours of the night? When would I eat, or sleep, or relax? So here’s a low-down of what my average day looks like!

Walking to class isn’t so bad with a view like this!

I usually wake up between 7:15 and 8:00 every morning. This semester, I arranged my schedule so I would have earlier classes because I really enjoyed starting my day off early and I’d have more time to do things than if I slept in later. I have a suite style bathroom, so I don’t often have to wait long for a shower in the mornings. My favorite class right now is Theatre History, and that’s where I go first thing on a Monday morning! I’ll usually make myself a cup of coffee and grab a granola bar to take to class with me (though I almost always finish them before I get there!) and enjoy the ten minute walk.

After my class is over, I have a ton of free time before my next class! I like to grab lunch with friends at the DH or the PDen, maybe grab another coffee, or sometimes take a nap. I usually don’t study too much during the day–I like to do most of my work in the evening, so this chunk of time is often when I relax during the day.

At 1:30, I have my math class. Once that’s over, I’m finished with my classes for the day! Since the math building is so close to the student center, I’ll go and check my mail as I head home. I’ll also take a little time to unwind and walk around the lake so I can get in the right mindset to do work later on.

waffle house
The Waffle House staff knows me and my friends by name

Once I get back to my room, I’ll grab the books I need to do my assignments and then head out. I usually do most of my studying in or around the Playhouse (I’m a theatre major… we tend to spend a lot of time there). I’ll spend a couple hours there, working on math homework or reading texts for my Religion class. My friends and I often have to work around rehearsal schedules, so either we get early dinners at the PDen or DH beforehand or we’ll get late dinners at The Library Cafe or off campus afterwards. These are great ways to have some study breaks, especially when I have a long night ahead of me.


I try to be home and in bed between 12:00 and 1:00 every night. This might not sound great (especially when you remember that I have class early the next morning), but it’s often very doable. This semester is very easy for me, so sometimes I get home well before then too. But even when I have a difficult semester, I don’t like to let myself stay out later than midnight. I think getting a good amount of sleep is really important, not only for my mental & physical health but also for my mood. I want to be happy and healthy, and sleep is veeeerrrrry important to me.

My average day is pretty calm. I like being challenged in my classes and having things to do to keep me occupied, but it’s also nice to have time for a break or to hang out with  my friends. I feel like the media makes college out to either be this super stressful, all-work-no-play environment, or a constant party 24/7. Honestly, for me, it’s a healthy balance between work and play–and I love it!

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