Greek or Not to Greek? That’s the Question.

Greek life is inevitably a large part of any college experience, whether it’s prevalent or lacking, the notice is obvious when you step onto any campus. The question that is more prevalent is how it’ll impact your individual social life on campus as well, whether you decide to be in it or not.

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Furman Greek Life covers about 50% of campus in it’s six fraternities and seven sororities, and 50% of the student body isn’t apart. That’s a fairly large ratio at first look, but greek life is a whole different ball game at Furman University than it is in other places.

First, we have a delayed rush process, meaning you won’t even begin rushing a fraternity or sorority until second semester freshman year. This gives every student a chance to get their feet wet, make friends outside of their greek organization, get involved in other clubs, and figure out Furman. Then you, get to join the rush process!

However, greek life at Furman isn’t exclusive, or a make-or-break your social life experience. For instance, I’m not in a fraternity and I’m still involved in over 6 organizations on campus. Your friends aren’t going to leave you, and you won’t leave your friends either. The glory of Furman is its size, you’re able to make and keep friendships your entire time here, because you’re always interacting with them.

The true show of how optional greek life is, are the students who plan to join it, but get involved in other clubs, and don’t. Or, the students who didn’t plan, find one they love, and do join. Their voices are resounding across campus, and it’s clear just how much greek life isn’t necessarily just a life, but another way to expand your Furman Connections.

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