Texas to Furman

While I may have mentioned this once or twice, I am from the great Lone Star State. I absolutely love Texas, literally. It gave me Friday Night Lights, Blue Bell ice cream and Beyonce. Another fun fact about Texas, it happens to be quite far away from South Carolina(16 hours by car to be precise).

When I started looking for colleges in high school, I was almost positive that I wanted to go out-of-state. I wanted to experience something new; I wanted to explore another part of the country and meet a larger variety of people. That said, my desire to go out-of-state made the transition easier from living at home to living quite far away.

If you’re thinking about Furman, and the distance is making you hesitant or wonder, these are things that helped me most as I moved here.

  1. College is an adventure! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet so many unique people, pick classes that excite you and make memories literally every day that last a lifetime. An open mind for adventure goes a long way in college!
  2. Your family is always closer than you think! Maybe not physically, but thankfully there are so many ways to stay in contact – phone, facetime, text, e-mail, letters, smoke signals…


3. You will be busy. Busy with school, homework, socializing, trying clubs, playing sports, eating and much more! There are so many ways to be involved on campus that you may not even have time to miss home too much.

4. College will slowly become your home away from home. You’ll make friends that become your 2nd family because you’re doing life with them literally 24/7 and you’ll make memories with those same people that make Furman feel like home.IMG_4949

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