If you happened to be on campus this week, specifically yesterday, you would have felt something different in the air. Something a bit chillier, a slight windier and a bit crispier. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, the difference is, Fall. FALL HAS ARRIVED!! (I even pulled out my flannel today). Before this week, it felt like fall may never arrive. We were almost halfway through October and the weather seemed to refuse to go lower than 75 degrees. Nonetheless it’s here.

The best part of Fall’s official arrival are all the Fall activities that come with it.

There is apple picking at places like Sky Top Orchard or Apple Hill.


And SCarowinds, which is the amusement park Carowinds themed as a haunted theme park. Or Denver Downs Harvest of Horror if you’re into a good scare


Fall For Greenville, which rings in the Fall with amazing music and even better food. Funnel cake, dessert tacos, wings and more from the restaurants around Greenville. All set against the background of local bands.


Pumpkin Town, which has everything from a Pumpkin Parade to Pumpkin carving and everything else in between.


A classic Corn Maze at Denver Downs or Mini Miracles Farm also gets every hyped for fall.


And of course the traditional run to Starbucks for the revered PSL.pumpkin-spice-latte-1


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