Great Study Spots in Greenville

As a Furman Student, you’re guaranteed to put in some study time, and you might as well do it in a place with great food and a nice aesthetic, am I right?

1. Village Grind

Adjacent to GBD, Village Grind provides you with great coffee and great lunch options. I love studying here and you’ll probably see a Furman Student or two!

village grind

2. M. Judson

I love bookstores and M. Judson has some great books to look at if you need a study break and great snacks!!

m. judson

3. Happy and Hale

I actually worked here over the summer. They’re very friendly and have great food so you’ll never have to leave!

happy and hale

4. Whole Foods

Why wouldn’t you study in the world’s greatest grocery store? I could spend all weekend in a Whole Foods.

Whole Foods.jpg

5. Starbucks

For obvious reasons, this has to be on the list and there’s one everywhere.


6. Swamp Rabbit Cafe

Swamp Rabbit is my #1. Not too far away, local, healthy food, and great smoothies!

swamp rabbit.jpeg

7. Methodical Coffee

In downtown, methodical is a great place to do some reading or practice problems!


8. Bex Cafe and Juice Bar

If you’re more of a juice person, this might be the study spot for you!


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