How to Make the Most of Your Campus Visit

College visits are one of the most important factors when you decide where you want to spend the next four years, the next chapter, of your life. However, in my experience as an Admissions Ambassador, a lot of families don’t take advantage of several key aspects of the college visit, especially at Furman.
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1. Ask Your Ambassador Non-Generic Questions

Seriously, when are you going to get another opportunity to ask an actual student, at the university you’re interested in, literally any question you want for 45 minutes? The key here is asking non-generic questions. Ask why their involved in the organizations they’re involved in, or their study away experiences, or their favorite on campus event or restaurant downtown. The tour guides can answer the “how many students do you have?” question, that’s fine, but asking unique questions gives you a new, fresh perspective.

2. Take Advantage Of Your Visit, Watch A Class

When I toured Furman, I sat in on a Biology class. Fun Fact: I hate science. However, I knew Furman was a liberal arts school, so I decided the best way to taste my experience at Furman was to observe a class I typically wouldn’t enjoy, but knew I’d have to take. The result? I took Biology first semester with the professor I watched, he was that fantastic. Watch a class and take advantage of the time you’re on campus to see what student life really is.

3. Eat In The Dining Hall

Seriously, this shouldn’t take encouraging. Admissions will give you free meal passes to our Dining Hall. Not only are you getting free food, you’re tasting what every student eats every day. Spoiler Alert: It’s actually really delicious.

4. Ask Your Ambassador About The Transition

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Moving from high school to college can be scary and for most, uncharted waters. Ask your ambassador how they managed the transition, what Furman did to help them, and how they got involved around campus. Helpful tips for when you plant your feet on campus for orientation.

5.  Ask For Information About Your Major

You’re coming to Furman for a reason, to learn. When you’re on campus, don’t be afraid to ask around for information or contacts about your interested majors. Our admissions ambassadors cover almost every major and we can guarantee we know someone in each department, don’t be afraid to ask for information! One of the most helpful tips for succeeding at college is making connections before you even arrive.
In conclusion, the campus visit isn’t a one-size fits all package. You can tailor it to how you want and leave feeling like you made connections and are ready to succeed here. Take advantage of everything the campus has to offer and make your campus visit even more meaningful than it was before!

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