Deciding Your Major

When you come to Furman University, it’s inevitably to major, and eventually earn a degree in, a specific area that interests you. However, that can be a monumental decision that shouldn’t, and typically isn’t, made with a split second flick of the pen. So, how does declaring your major work at Furman and can you double major?
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We’ll start with declaring your major. The magic of a liberal-arts allows you a “try before you buy” opportunity with classes. At Furman, if you’re unsure what you want to study, you can take the general education requirements (GER’s) to shop around, see departments, and get a taste of what you may enjoy studying for your four years. Since you technically never have to declare until the end of sophomore year, you have almost two full years to decide!
There’s also a plethora of resources on campus to help guide you in your future career. The Malone Center for Career Engagement helps students figure out their passions through multiple tests, along with providing career resources and explanations about what to expect in terms of salaries and benefits. In addition, the Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection provides a place for students to weigh their religious or personal values and beliefs when deciding their future career paths.
Finally, double majoring is a popular question and absolutely a possibility at Furman University. If you know your options relatively quickly, you can easily graduate with two majors in four years, many students do. I, for one, am double majoring in history and education, but was a political science major for most of my freshmen year, and am still going to graduate on time with my two new majors. Furman is a catalyst for achieving your dreams, and there are countless resources to insure you reach those dreams.

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