Life in The Paladin Regiment

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I admit it. I am a band geek. Not only am I a bank geek, but I am proud to be one. I’m sure you could tell just by glancing at the picture above.

As a senior, this is my last and final year as a participant of the Furman Paladin Regiment, also known as the marching band. This will be my eighth year participating in marching band: 4 years in high school and four years here at Furman. The major difference between high school marching band and college marching is that most people that participate, even if they are on scholarship, want to be there. It’s not just an activity that their parents signed them up for as an extra activity. You get out what you put in.

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There’s never a dull moment, whether it be long rehearsals or a game day out in the blistering heat. Participating as member in the marching band in college gives me a way to channel my passion for music and take a break from my studies.

As a non-music major, I get to continue my love for music with a group of other fun band geeks. It’s more than just band camp.

Every Wednesday and Friday during football season we have rehearsals outside on Ellis field, the band practice field. Since I play in the front ensemble, we have to show up to practice thirty minutes before everyone else on most days. It gives us a chance to set up the bigger auxiliary and percussion instruments, as well as focus on chunks of our music all together.

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The game days are often brutal as we have to get up at the crack of dawn to prepare for our performance, but we always have a blast and make the most of it. Being a part of the marching band has given me a family that I can go to at least twice a week.

Walking on to the field for a halftime performance gives me such a rush. It’s honestly such a rewarding feeling after all of the practices and early mornings, especially while being surrounded by amazing friends and other musicians.

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I owe so much to the Paladin Regiment for my four years of growth, discipline, and determination. I cannot imagine my life at Furman without marching band.

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