Freshman year at Furman means lots of things: figuring out what you’re doing, making friends and taking your FYW (first-year writing seminar). Every freshman is required to take a first-year writing seminar in their fall or spring semester and there is a plethora to choose from- everything from The History of Chocolate to C.S Lewis. Each seminar combines the topic with teaching freshmen how to meet the expectations of college level writing, college professors and college classes (essentially learning how to not fail college while learning a cool topic).

My FYW is called Big Food: Media & Politics and it’s literally the greatest. We discuss the academic, political, economic, environmental, health, and media messages related to food in modern American culture. If you felt overwhelmed reading that, we essentially discuss the role the food industry plays in our life and all the factors that affects food in our lives.  Also, I want to be a psych major and the course is taught by a psych professor, Dr.B, who is the absolute bomb.

I’ve loved my seminar because the topic is wildly relevant and makes me so much more aware of “the man”. And I’ve learned so much about the food industry and the incredibly influential role it plays in our lives. Next, having Dr. B as my professor has been the greatest! Her specialty as a psych professor is eating disorders like binge eating, obesity, anorexia, etc. Therefore, she has such a unique and invested interest in the topic which makes the class 100x more interesting.

Another great thing, is that the seminar is so much more than just writing. We are taking a backstage tour of the DH (dining hall) this week. A farmer from Mills Village Farms, which is a community farm is coming to speak. And at the end of the semester we are taking a class field trip to try foods we’ve never eaten before! In regards to the writing, whether you think you are Shakespeare or the world’s worst writer, you have room for improvement. You get exposed to so many forms of writing and opportunities to write in different styles all while receiving feedback from professors and peers.

Here’s to your FYW experience!


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