Unconventional Ways to Get Exercise on Campus

If you want to exercise the normal way, you could just go to our lovely campus gym (the PAC), but Furman is so beautiful there are plenty of ways to get exercise just by living here.

1. Walking to class

Okay, this one is kinda obvious but walking across campus with a heavy backpack tends to be a pretty nice workout. When I first came to college, I was EXHAUSTED from all the walking during the first few weeks. Biking to class is also a great workout!


2. Riding your bike on the Swamp Rabbit Trail

If you want to get some work done in Travelers Rest, but you don’t want to drive and park there, just take one of the rentable bikes or your own and bike to TR!

swamp rabbit3. The Spin Bikes in the Library

There are stationary bikes in the lib for when you’re reading or reviewing some material and need to bike some energy off! A great form of multitasking, the true Furman way.

4. Walking around the lake!!!

I love a good lake walk. You can talk on the phone, take some tea, or grab some friends and some ice cream and just walk around. It’s beautiful, especially at sunset. 1022AB41-816F-42CF-8E1A-2D9B1C023A5D

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