Reasons Why Furman’s Dining Hall is the BEST

As a freshman, I didn’t know that the food would be one of my favorite things about Furman, but lo and behold, it is. The staff is so kind, the company is good, and I rarely have the same meal two days in a row. There’s always something adventurous to try, and options for everyone!

1. They go all out for holidays.

Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, you name it. The DH staff will dress up and theme the food according to the holiday. Sometimes they do themes even if it isn’t a holiday, so there’s really no telling what kinds of interesting food you can try! They like to get creative with some of their dishes- keeps things interesting!

2. Vegetarian/Vegan options (that aren’t disgusting)

I’m a vegetarian and our dining hall labels things according to different diet plans, so you know what you’re eating! On a lot of campuses, vegetarian dining hall food can be pretty nasty or bland, but I’ve never been disappointed here!

3. Allergy Consideration

Last week, we actually had anaphylaxis awareness week, and the DH has a gluten free section with lots of options!

4. Considerate Staff

Like I said, I’m a vegetarian, and last week, not only did a staff member remember my dietary preferences, but he pulled out a dish from the oven and gave me some before mixing meat into it, because he wanted me to try it! They’re very kind and informative about what they cook, especially at the homestyle station.

5. Dessert.

The cookies are always warm and abundant, they have two creative ice cream flavors every week, and make lots of other fun desserts. Seriously, if we’re doing anything right, it’s the sweet stuff.

6. Unlimited Food

Once you’re in the dining hall, you can stay and eat as long as you want. I’ve studied there before and stayed for two meals. Especially freshman year, you can get as much food as you want (including to go boxes). As an upperclassman, if you want an extra to go box, you just swipe twice!

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