The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Holidays at FU

If you’re like me, October through December is your favorite time of year. I love the colder weather, but I also love all the different holidays! I’m so hype for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas every year. And nobody does holidays like Furman students do holidays.

halloweirdos.JPGFreshmen on campus just experienced their first Furman Halloween, complete with FUSAB’s haunted trail and the DH going all out with their candy bar and 50’s diner theme. Believe me, the holiday festivities only get better. I’m one of those people who gets irrationally excited about winter holidays far earlier than I probably should, so you better believe I’m counting down the days till Thanksgiving so I can start counting down the days till Christmas.

Last year, one of my favorite things was how the DH would make an enormous Thanksgiving dinner. It’s unreal how busy the DH is that day, but it’s so worth it. The food is amazing and the best way to get in the mood to go home for break.

And of course the Christmas excitement! I love seeing the decorations around campus. The lights and wreaths and Christmas trees just remind me that, even if we all are studying for finals and living off of coffee and popcorn for the next two weeks, it’s still home to us. Plus, winter finals means Christmas-themed Midnight Breakfast: hot cocoa, candy canes, eggs, bacon, pancakes. It is the best part of finals week.


We have entered my absolute favorite time of year, dins. Sure, we have our final exams looming just around the corner (yikes) but Furman comes together as a community so much during this time of year. At the end of the day, we’re a big family and who’s better to celebrate with than your family?

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Don’t forget to follow my adventures, #CamOnCampus!



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