4 Years of A Residential Community


Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 11.30.50 AMFrom freshman to senior year, I have spent all four years living on Furman’s campus. Compared to many other colleges and universities, Furman has a four year residency requirement, which requires students to live campus. This encourages students to learn and grow through a community and the involvement of on-campus opportunities.

Each year I lived in a different place of residence at Furman.

Freshman Year: South Housing – McGlothlin

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Sophomore Year: Lakeside- Gambrell- Delta Gamma hall

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Junior Year: North Village – C

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Senior Year: North Village – E

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Freshman and sophomore year you are required to live in the residence halls. This includes South Housing: Blackwell Hall, Geer Hall, Manly Hall, Poteat Hall, and McGlothlin Hall.

For freshmen, another housing option for those wanting to get involved in campus life is through Engaged Living. Through this program, you can apply and become active in an academic program. These academic programs include: Environmental Community, Finding Your Life Purpose, Health Care Today, Politics and The Human Soul, as well as Poverty and Marginalization. Engaged Living options are located within two halls of Lakeside Housing: McBee Hall and Townes Hall.

Most sophomores live in Lakeside Housing: Chiles Hall, Gambrell Hall, Townes Hall, Haynsworth Hall, Judson Hall, Ramsay Hall, and McBee Hall. For those who participate in Greek Life, they mainly reside on the sorority and fraternity halls. Greek halls are open to sophomores affiliated with Greek organizations. This serves as a great sense of community, especially since Greek houses aren’t available for Greek life at Furman.

Juniors and Seniors have the ability to live in the North Village apartments. These apartments come furnished, just like the residence halls. For juniors and seniors that do not want to live directly on campus, they can apply to live in off-campus apartments, The Vinnings. These apartments are not furnished.

To learn more about the residence life at Furman, be sure to check out the website.

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