(Secret) Guide to Furman

Let me preface all of this by saying come to campus and take a tour. Personally, I think it’s helpful to come to Furman (or any campus) during the school year to get an actual feel for it. Come when students are walking around and campus doesn’t feel like a ghost town.

The regular campus tour shows you the big ideas and hidden insights to campus; it covers the highlights and the usual questions. But, if you want to make the most of your Furman visit take the path less traveled.

  1.  The library. Every tour stops in the library, but go back. Walk around. Can you see yourself studying in that corner in the back, the tables in the front, the comfy chairs downstairs? (p.s. – I promise less people are staring at you than you think)


2.      Take a full lap around the lake. In your four years here, some of your most memorable moments take place at the lake. You’ll watch gorgeous sunsets from the DH, go on walks with friends, see the first signs of fall, and eno in peace. (If you have time, walk/bike the Swamp Rabbit Trail).


3.   Stop at the Belltower. You’ve probably seen it in many an Instagram post, but it’s even better in person. Take some photos. Honestly, just venture out there and take it all in – it could be your home for the next 4 years.


4.    Everyone wants to know about the food, so take the plunge and eat in the DH. The easiest way to answer all your questions is to experience it for yourself, and I don’t think it will disappoint.


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