Things You Run into When You Walk Around the Lake

1. SO many wedding/engagement photo shoots

If someone in Greenville is getting married, they’re likely getting pictures taken here. I run around the lake a few times a week and have found myself in the middle of many bridal photos or engagement pics.

2. People walking their dogs or children

I’ve also been chased by many dogs on my lake runs, but most of them are really cute and sweet. Lots of parents walk around the lake with kids especially on weekends!

3. All the newborn photoshoots

If you ever see some weird tiny person props, don’t freak out. It’s just some people taking newborn pictures or their kids’ first birthday pics!

4. The Cross country Team

Nothing better for your self confidence than getting lapped by people running 4 times as fast as you, right?

5. Bears

Okay this is kind of a joke, but over the summer students received multiple emails about bear sightings near the lake, so for a few months, this was a real possibility!

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