Making Your CLPs Fun

At Furman, students are required to have attended 32 Cultural Life Programs before they graduate. That means you should average out to 8 CLP events per year, which can be kind of daunting when combined with the crazy schedules so many students have. We’ve all heard legends of someone-or-other who knocked out all 32 during the first semester of freshman year, or the person who had to cram in 31 of them during the spring of their senior year–but let’s be real. Most of us will spread them out pretty evenly across our four years here.

Most CLPs are events like lectures from guest speakers, performances by the theatre or music departments, cultural events through the language departments–you get the idea. There are CLPs for every possible interest. Most of them are free, too!

But the thing I really enjoy about CLPs is that they give me an opportunity to learn things that I never would have experienced otherwise. My freshman year, I went to a workshop to learn more about the Chinese Moon Festival that was hosted by the Chinese department. I got a CLP from going to this event and learning how to do Chinese characters and taste testing teas. Prior to this event, I had never heard of the Moon Festival at all and it was one of my favorite CLPs!

While I definitely believe you should go to all the CLPs that interest, I also wish everyone goes to at least one event that they never would’ve imagined themselves going to. It’s a great way to broaden your horizons and try new things.


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