Five Non-Generic Questions to Ask Your Ambassador

Going on a campus tour is a phenomenal opportunity to see campus, interact with real students, hear their stories, and get a feel for how you may fit in. However, a lot of times all people have to ask their ambassadors are generic questions that really could be Googled with ease. So, here are five non-generic questions you can ask your admissions ambassador accompanied with my short yet very informative answers.
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Question 1: What’s It Like Getting To Class?

From your dorm or apartment, is it a 5 minute walk or bike ride, or should you drive? The answer at Furman is simple: you can walk to any of the academic buildings from your dorm in under five minutes. However, from the apartments, a bike may come in handy on cutting down some slight walking times. This will help you better feel the sprawl of the campus, and come prepared when you move in.

Question 2: Athletes and Athletics

Do I live with athletes? Do they take special classes? Are games free? All three questions, and more, are fair game. At Furman, you live with athletes, they take the same classes you do, and the game are free!

Question 3: Alumni Networking

One of the largest opportunities a University can give you is it’s connections to alumni. If a University has spread out alumni across the globe in various fields, networking can be a huge advantage for you career wise. Notice this question is different from “notable alumni” because while they’re important, it doesn’t talk about how you’ll utilize resources to succeed past Furman.

Question 4: What Do Students Do?

This is a common question, but typically phrased very, very wrong. Asking “what students do to have fun” sounds forced, and like you’re looking for an answer regarding parties. Parties happen, it’s no secret, but students do a lot more for fun, or for themselves, other than parties. Instead, ask how students volunteer, get involved, their favorite eateries, activities, and spots in the community.

Question 5: Why Do You Continue To Come Back?

You can ask a tour guide all day about why they chose their school. For Furman, I chose it because I wanted a small, liberal arts school near my home where I could make connections and have a great chance of getting into law school (now I want to be a teacher). Instead, ask your ambassador why they keep coming back! This is much more enlightening to the actual atmosphere of campus and why students love this place. Give that question a shot!


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