I’ve Got a Golden Ticket


I’ve Got A Golden Ticket. Let me tell you about it.

FUPO (aka Furman University Police) gave students the opportunity to enter a contest in the beginning of the fall semester to win a Golden Parking pass.

This Golden Parking pass is a dream to every Furman student.

It means that you have the right to park basically anywhere on campus, besides a handicap spot or the reserved parking space for President Davis. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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FUPO had an event called, King of Pops with Cops. The initiative behind this event was to have students and FUPO bond, as well as incorporate a contest to win the Golden Parking pass and free King of Pops popsicles.

Officer 21 has the reputation around campus as the one to target students and give them parking tickets. After speaking with Officer 21, he told me that these Golden Parking passes serve as an incentive for students to not view FUPO as the bad guys. They are just doing their jobs and aren’t intentionally out to punish the students.

The week after the King of Pops with Cops event with FUPO, I received an email from FUPO office informing me that I had won the Golden Parking pass.

Four students were pulled from the bowl of names. I could not believe that I happened to be one of those four students to receive this parking privileged.

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As a senior, I already had the parking perk that everyone on campus hopes for: not having to walk to class. This year, seniors have the same parking decal abilities as commuters do. Which means that they can park in the Chapel lot, saving them quite a long walk from North Village to class buildings everyday, especially in the frigid, and or rainy weather.

With a senior parking decal, I already felt blessed to be able to drive to class everyday instead of hauling my bike everywhere I went. There was no more biking in the rain or avoiding wearing dresses due to traveling on a bike seat.


Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 11.29.29 AM.png

With the Golden Parking ticket, I don’t have to leave 30-minutes before class to walk from my apartment. While the senior parking abilities aren’t that bad, the Golden Parking ticket allows me to parking in the 10-minute parking spots anyone on campus. This means I can park right in front of the PAC (Physical Activities Center). I can park in the spots leading up to the Infirmary, which means if I am sick, I don’t have to walk to see a doctor. I can drive, park, and not get a ticket if I am there for an hour. I can park in the Admissions lot, which is quite convenient due to the fact that almost all of my classes are in Furman Hall. I park in the FUPO lot when I have classes in Riley Hall (the math, computer science, and economics building).

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 11.29.56 AM.png

With my Golden Parking pass hanging in the rear-view mirror of my car, you could describe my senior year now as, “convenience at its finest.”

Don’t forget, #imyourPALauren

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