Looking Back

There’s a light in the distance. And that light is the end of the first semester. We head out for Thanksgiving break next week, come back for a bit, have exams and peace out again for Winter break.


Life feels like a blur because I’m pretty sure I was moving in and nervously walking into my first college class just yesterday. Now I’m closer to signing up for my second semester of classes and taking first semester exams (oh joy).


The semester has been full of making friends, joining organizations, going to football games, finding the best places to eat, exploring Gville and going to class. The semester has been a compilation of highs and lows. The late-night runs to Cook-Out and the taking tests on 2 hours of sleep all come together and have made for a pretty sweet first semester. Looking back makes me grateful for the memories I’ve made on campus. The people and places around here made my first semester and it makes me even more excited to be back here next semester – 1 semester down, 7 more to go!


Despite my minute amount of experience, here’s my advice. Take it all in. Enjoy the walks around the lake, the lessons you learn in and out your classes, the quiet nights in the library, the professors who want to have coffee, the DH cookies and the late-nights drives around Greenville.

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