Psychology at Furman!

As a Freshman, I declared the psych major that I was dreaming of for years. What a moment! The psychology  program is here is a big reason that I came to Furman in the first place, and finally getting to be a part of it has been so challenging and fulfilling at the same time. After this semester I’ve taken three psych classes, and I’ve already learned so much.

In Furman’s Psych program I have research and internship opportunities that I wouldn’t have anywhere else. My professors all develop close relationships with us and are sure to get to know us personally if they have us in class. The advising is amazing and organized according to our personal career goals.


The program is much more challenging than you would find it at other schools. It requires a lot of work and commitment out of us, but I’ve learned more out of my psych classes than any other class I’ve ever taken, and they’re helping me attain my career goals.

I hope that if psychology is an interest of yours, you seriously consider making Furman a contender, because it’s great all around!

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