How To Survive Finals

Fasten your seat belts and hold on, because the next two weeks are going to be bumpy.

Here’s your inside guide on how to survive finals here at Furman:

1.) It’s crucial to get off campus.

Furman is GREAT, but when it comes to preparing and taking finals like any high school or university, it can get a bit chaotic. The library is jam packed with students. If you’re like me, you tend to get distracted quite easily and people watch.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 2.14.20 PM.png
If you’re going to study off campus, make the most of it and bring a friend.

My favorite place to go and get off campus during finals is Spill the Beans downtown next to Falls Park. I recommend going during the weekdays, rather than the weekend. Spill the Beans is a popular place and it might get too crazy and distracting for study time. If you get there early enough, you can grab a spot and camp out there all day. Spill the Beans not only sells ice cream, but if you go at breakfast time, you can get a waffle or a bagel. Grab yourself a nice scoop ice cream or a cup of hot chocolate, then you’re good to good to crack out that paper and prepare for your exams.

2.) Make plans in advance for study breaks.

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Ice Skating on Main

Everyone gets tied up in study groups and writing papers, so be proactive and make plans in advance for study break. If it’s Friday night and you had exams all day, go ice skating downtown on Main, just in front of the Courtyard.

3.) Work on your study guides the week before finals.

Look back on your notes while everything is fresh and you still have classes going on. Before finals week start, get ahead and start to compile your notes and main aspects from the class. If you don’t, you will have to juggle preparing for all of your exams at the same time. That is not recommended.

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Bring your work outside of the DH and enjoy sunshine.

4.) Take advantage of the free events and fun activities Furman hosts for the students prior to and during exams.

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Get a free massage and let some of that tension go.

Be on the look out across campus for flyers and social media info on the fun events that Furman has for students.

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Go to the Trone and make your own study buddy.

5.) Take a break by the lake.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 2.05.56 PM.png
Take a nap by the lake.

Whether it’s a walk or hanging in your eno with blankets, get outside and enjoy a fresh breath of air.

And finally…


It’s pretty self-explanatory, but GET SOME SLEEP!

Finals week can get crazy, but don’t let it get you down. Enjoy LDOC (the last day of class) and celebrate with your friends because the semester is coming to an end.

With a little bit of coffee, determination, and following these six key steps on how to survive finals, you can do it! 

Don’t forget, #imyourPALauren



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