To the Students Receiving Acceptances on December 20

I vividly remember counting down the days until I would hear my admission decision from Furman, and then counting down the days until Accepted Student Day, and THEN the days until move-in! What an exciting time. Furman is lucky to have each and every one of you, and I hope you are as excited about your possible future here as we are! Furman is a great environment that’ll provide you with many opportunities during your time as a student and post-grad.

You’re going through a really memorable part of your life right now, with all the decisions and transitions, but not nearly as memorable as the next four years. And it goes by faster than you would believe, so savor it all and enjoy all the first-times!


If you come visit Furman as a newly accepted student, take it all in and try to picture yourself enjoying life here this time next year. Take lots of stereotypical pictures and walk through some residence halls to see what you’re headed into. The last semester of high school is hard for a lot of students. It definitely was for me. Enjoy those last few months and know that you have so much to look forward to, and the fun is just beginning!

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