Your Guide to Finals Stress Relief

I’m blogging live from finals week, which means I’m drinking far more coffee than the normally recommended amount and sitting in the same spot for hours on end trying to figure out what on earth this study guide could possibly be referring to. Truly, nothing brings a college campus together like mutual impending deadlines. And you’ll likely see a million posts of how to de-stress during this time, but hey–no shame in having a million and one.

1. Take Advantage of De-Stressing Opportunities

Furman regularly has different activities set up around campus to encourage students to not overwork themselves during finals week. This includes Moonlight Breakfast, free snacks and school supplies in the library and Trone, visits from the dogs from the humane society, and even the opportunity to make study buddies. IMG_1028.JPG

(My favorite part of finals is seeing who is getting weirdly emotionally attached to their study buddies and still carrying them throughout the week–because I am one of the people who gets weirdly emotionally attached to her study buddy. And there’s no shame in that.)

2. Remember To Take Care of Yourself

Friendly reminder: you are a human being who cannot exist without food or sleep. Crazy concept, I know. You will get tons of grades and tons of exams over the course of your college career, but you only get the one body and mind, so take care of them. You can’t function on negative sleep and coffee for dinner. Take breaks, move around, eat some food, get some sleep.

3. Make A List and Keep To It

I’m an incredibly scatterbrained lady, so lists are my bread and butter. I write down everything that needs to get done, and try my best to knock off as many of the things on the list as I can. Pro-Tip: add easy tasks to your list too, not just the daunting ones. It’ll make you feel better to cross something off, even if it is just remembering to get dinner or move your laundry to the dryer.

4. Get Fresh Air

I know this doesn’t affect everyone, but I get especially overwhelmed during winter finals because of the lack of daylight after 6:00. Getting outside, getting some natural light and some fresh air–it really makes a difference. When I feel like I’ve been sitting still for too long, I like to get one of the SPIN bikes and go for a quick ride around the parking lot just to get out of a stuffy old building.

5. Remember That Even A Stressful Day Is Only One Day

The panicky, frantic days have the same amount of hours as the leisurely and calm days. Your world will not end because of your grades, and once it’s done, it’s done. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel (even if it may seem like there’s just another tunnel at the end of the tunnel), and you’re going to be fine and dandy. Plus, after this week, it’s WINTER BREAK. Three weeks to sleep in and spend time with friends and family!


Finals is notorious for stressing everyone out, but we’ll be fine. We’re gonna make it, and it’s only one more week. Not even a full week at the time I’m writing this blog post! Good luck with all your exams and have a great winter break!

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