Internships… Where do I begin?

The second semester has officially begun and we are off to a brand new start. New classes, new schedules, new friends, and maybe even a new internship.

Internships are EXTREMELY important to have and maintain throughout your college career. Not only are you getting your foot in the door to figure out if this is something that you want to pursue, but you are making connections and gaining experience. 

Now, I’m sure you may be asking, “Where do I begin?”

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First of all, get connected. Start to network, research, and have informational interviews with those who you admire in your field of work. Create a Linked In. It’s a wonderful networking tool.

Secondly, make sure that you have a resume ready to go. This means it’s ready to be turned in at any moment. Take your resume to the Malone Career Center. There is a drop-off box in the office placed immediately when you walk in. It will be ready to pick up 24 hours after they receive it. Personally, I found this helpful when I wasn’t sure if my wording and spacing were correct. I dropped off my resume and cover letter to be corrected before I had started applying to internships. It made a tremendous difference.

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After research, building your network, and constructing your resume, you can start finding and applying to the internship that is perfect for you.

Go ahead and check out what tools Furman offers. I love looking at the finding internships page. It has all of the helpful and applicable tips for preparing your search, finding a specific summer internship, searching Greenville internships in the area, connecting with the Furman network, and even the option of learning about how to create an internship. 

Through the Furman database website, I found and applied to the spring internship that I currently have with the Cancer Society of Greenville County. Without Furman’s resources, I would not have found out about the opportunity. Through this internship, I am not only learning and growing through my personal experience with the company, but networking with the community and becoming informed of other opportunities out there.

This is your future! You have the resources available as a Furman student. Take advantage of the information that is displayed in front of you. It can REALLY make a difference and generate a less stressful process.

Best of luck as you enter your internship search process!

Don’t forget, #imyourPALauren

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