To Rush or Not To Rush

As first semester winded down, the process to rush started ramping up. There were meet and greets, philanthropy events, get-togethers and more! While all of this was going on, it was also time for us to decide if we wanted to sign up for rush.

For some people it is a definite yes, for others it is a hard no. Personally, I had no earthly idea if I wanted to rush or not. I didn’t seem to have strong feelings one way or the other and as the time came to sign-up I remained unsure.


After mulling it over and talking to friends both in my grade and older grades, I finally decided that I did not want to rush. There wasn’t a huge a-ha moment that deterred me from rushing and I don’t suddenly hate sororities or anything like that.  But when the time came, I just knew that rushing was not currently something that interested me. If you find yourself in the same boat of “To Rush or Not To Rush” here is my advice:

It is important to not feel pressured one way or the other. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but ultimately the decision is yours. You know yourself best. Trust your gut and go with it.

Second, keep an open mind. Maybe you are intent on rushing and end up not enjoying it as much as you think or vice versa. I suggest being open to the different options and allowing yourself the time and freedom to make your decision.

That being said, the decision to rush or not to rush is entirely up to you. Good luck and have fun!

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