5 Things You Always See When You Go To The DH For The First Time After A Break

The DH is normally a pretty low-key place to get a quick bite to eat. But, as it’s the only place really open when everyone first gets back from winter break, coming back and trying to navigate it is kind of an adventure. Here’s a list of all the things you encounter on your first day back from break (and how to avoid them!):

1. That Person You Only Vaguely Remember That Wants To Catch Up

Do-I-Know-You.gifWe all have that person who comes up to you in the DH on the first day back and is ready to get coffee and talk about the last month but you really don’t know who they are. Maybe you were study buds for a hard class last semester but don’t really know each other outside of the library. Maybe you lived on the same hall that one time. I don’t know–but they’re standing between you and some pizza. A good way to avoid this idle chit-chat is to bring a friend with you to get food–people seem less likely to go for a full on conversation when you’ve got someone else with you.

2. Lines Longer Than The Ones At Disney World

giphy.gifIt’s one thing to wait 3 hours for a roller coaster. It’s quite different when you’re just waiting to get some chicken and potatoes. Because the DH is the only real option, the lines can get pretty long. Your best bet to avoid the crazy lines is to compromise. There will be burgers, hibachi, and homestyle meals all semester and plenty of opportunities to get them. You’re better off going for the pizza, salad bar, cereal bar, or waffle bar. The lines will be much shorter, and the food will be just as good.

3. Tables, Who?

image.gifTurns out that when half of campus is in the DH at the same time, they tend to take up most of the available seating. Who’d have guessed? Biggest tip here: GET YOUR TABLE FIRST. This is relevant whether it’s the first day back, or any other time of year. You’ll be better off leaving a jacket or backpack to save you a seat than trying to find somewhere while carrying all of your stuff at once.

4. Reunions. Everywhere. You. Turn.

tumblr_mbisulim9i1r1m0bjo2_250.gifThere are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and people attack hugging each other in the middle of the walkway. Sometimes you’re an attack hug participant, other times you’re the one trying to navigate around the attack hug. If you’re hugging, please get out of the way for people who are trying to get by. If you’re trying to get by, don’t be rude to huggers. We all love people on campus, we all want to get our food as quickly as possible. It’s how it is. Just be considerate.

5. Everyone You’ve Ever Met All In The Same Place At The Same Time

The DH is chaos. You know that. You’ve gotta be at least a little prepared to run into people. If you’re not into that, the best solution is to just order a pizza and try your hand at it tomorrow, when it’s less busy.


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