If Greek Life Wasn’t for You…

Every spring semester brings on a really exciting time in the lives of most students: recruitment. So many new friends and experiences come with your new sorority or fraternity affiliation, and you have a lot of great things to look forward to!

Every year, however, there’s a group of people who decide not to go through recruitment, or who go through it and decide it isn’t for them. I was one of those students, and as someone who went through the same thing, let me tell you, it’s okay! It may seem like you’re the odd one out, or the only one who didn’t feel like Greek life was their thing, but you aren’t! And Furman is still your place!

Your friends are still your friends, and there are more unaffiliated students on campus than you think! You can have a fulfilling Furman experience and you can even attend all kinds of Greek life events to support your friends every year. I know that during the first few weeks of this semester it seems like Greek is everything and you’re going to be alone for the rest of the year, but you won’t!

Enjoy the things you’re involved in this semester. Get involved in something new to meet some new people, and know that you aren’t by yourself!

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