A Balanced Schedule = A Happy Life

Valuable college tip – A balanced schedule makes for a happy life. What does that mean you ask?


Classes here at Furman come in all shapes and sizes. Some classes lean towards lecturing, others are heavy on participation. Some teachers want you to write something every week. Others assign essays once every other month. The variety is endless!

In my opinion the best kind of schedule includes classes of all types, rather than 4 classes that each assign 4 readings a night. There are not many people in this world that find hundreds of pages of reading a night enjoyable. And even if you think you are that person, after doing it for two nights in a row, you will be over it (I promise).

the worst

This semester I have two classes that lean towards a couple assigned readings tonight. While my other two are more lecture and practice problem based. Between these four classes I spend time outside the class doing a variety of work which prevents life from becoming to monotonous.


So do yourself a favor and mix it up. I promise you will thank yourself in the end.


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