Snow Days at Furman!

Every year, if we’re lucky, we get a few snow days. Imagine Furman in its typical beauty, but blanketed in a few inches of snow (which is a lot for us). Classes get cancelled and we can spend the day walking around the lake, taking pictures, building snowmen, doing homework (I guess), etc.

Everyone’s meetings and events get cancelled, so you get to spend the day with all your friends, enjoying the snow, drinking hot chocolate, and watching movies! As a Furman student, it’s so nice when the hustle and bustle of student life comes to a halt for a little bit, and everyone just gets to enjoy campus and the company.

We had a few of these days last week, and it was both beautiful and refreshing! As a prospective student, you probably don’t really think about looking forward to the different kinds of weather you’ll experience at school, but in case you do, here are some photos of our beautiful campus covered in snow.


My personal favorite is the rose garden, which was especially elegant during the snow day.


All the greenery around the lake was made even more photogenic by the snow!


Lakeside sophomore housing was also lovely, as long as you didn’t try to walk too fast. Snow is slippery. 26850771_1454672321307800_5554721436401084038_o

Obviously, we wouldn’t go a snow day without taking a bell tower picture. 26951816_1454672251307807_3497597758723146103_o

When you consider coming to Furman in the fall, you won’t be thinking as much about Furman in the spring, but let me tell you, it’s the best.

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