In Need of Puppy Therapy?

Love is a four legged word.

Are you ever in need of puppy therapy? I have the solution.

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With Furman being so close to the Greenville Human Society, there’s a ton of ways for you to get connected with puppies, as well kittens and even full-grown dogs and cats.

The awesome thing about the Greenville Human Society is that they are a no-kill shelter.

Furman’s Heller Service Corps has partnered with the Greenville Human Society for their monthly Paws to Unwind program. There are puppies on campus for you to stop by and play with to relive some stress. Since this event usually only happens the first Thursday of every month, you can still get your paws wet in other ways to spend time with the pups.

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If you want more than the occasional puppy play, you can volunteer your time at the Greenville Human Society. If you are passionate about engaging and volunteering within the community, this is a great way to get off campus and get involved, especially if you are an animal lover.

If you don’t want to commit your time to the volunteer program, you can still go visit the dogs and cats. Whenever I’m stressed and need to escape the Furman bubble, I will often take a detour from my shopping trip to the Greenville Human Society. They will let you walk around and hold the animals.

If you are an animal lover, I highly recommend pup therapy and getting involved with animal care at the Greenville Human Society.
Don’t forget, #imyourPALauren.

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