Mythbusters: Greenbelt Edition

Everyone knows those cute little cabins behind the Bell Tower. The Greenbelt Eco-Cabins are this weird, otherworldly part of campus that only 22 students live in each year. Since so few students live there per year, there are a lot of misconceptions about what life there is like. As a resident of the cabins, or Greenbelter (as Dr. Dripps refers to us), I’d like to clear up some of the questions that we get a lot.

cabin 3

Do people in the Greenbelt take showers?

…yes. Yes we do.

Do the showers have lower water pressure?

No! The water pressure in our showers are the same as anywhere else on campus!

Do people in the Greenbelt have to take timed showers?

Nope! While we are encouraged to use less water and given shower timers if we make the decision to try shorter showers, it is not a rule that you can only shower for 5 minutes (or whatever other number you might have heard).

Do you have to hang your clothes up to dry them?

Also nope! There’s a washing machine and dryer in each cabin, though some of us do elect to air dry our clothes. There are clotheslines outside of each cabin, but we mostly just use drying racks inside.

Do you have heat?


Is everyone a vegan?


Do you have to be majoring in sustainability to live there?

People who live in the Greenbelt come from a variety of majors, including Spanish, Psychology, Theatre, Biology, and many more.

Do you have to know anything about sustainability to live there?

I had zero knowledge of sustainable living before moving into the cabins. All of the students who live in the Greenbelt are enrolled in a 1-credit lecture class in which we learn about sustainable practices in a hands-on environment. During this class, we learn how to compost, work on the farm, and develop our own ideas to implement sustainable practices on campus. It meets only once a week and it gives you a way to bond with the people you live around while also teaching you how to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly!


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