Many school’s require their students to attain a certain number of credits from various lectures, seminars, classes, etc. Furman’s Cultural Life Program requires us to get 32 CLP credits before we graduate. This may sound like a lot, but it levels out to four a semester, so it ends up being accomplished pretty easily. Once you get to Furman, CLPs will become a casual part of your everyday vocabulary. It might sound like a drag, but Furman hosts PLENTY of great events for you to get all your credits in. Sometimes, a professor will even offer you extra credit for going to a department CLP or there’ll be a film showing or a concert!

Any given week, there’ll be signs up all over the place advertising the week’s CLPs, so you can pick and choose which you want to go to. In the last year, I’ve been to a wide variety ranging from movies to talks given by homicide detectives to Korean Linguistics. All of them were fascinating. If you become involved in Student Life here, you may end up planning a CLP to help host in your respective organization!

In the near future, we’re having a CLP talk called “Who Goes to Hell?” and a talk about refugees, and TedxFurmanU in a few weeks, which will be an afternoon full of intriguing Ted Talks from students, professors, and guest speakers alike!

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