Meet The Admissions Counselor: Clare Ruble

If you’re anything like Little Senior-In-High-School Cammi, you probably have no interest in calling an admissions counselor because calling adults is weird and scary. Well fear not–I, Little Sophomore-In-College Cammi, am here to connect you to one of our admissions counselors.

Meet Clare Ruble!17192422_10210609337821560_5878554772135627641_o.jpg

Clare is from Greenville, SC, and is a member of the class of 2017. She knows plenty about student life, having just graduated from Furman with a BA in Theatre Arts and was on the pre-health path towards speech therapy. Her territories for admissions are the Greenville public schools and the upstate of SC, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois (“I dominate the mid-west!” – Clare).

Clare and I during Furman Theatre’s Kappa Kappa Scream

I met Clare last year when she was a senior and I was a freshman in the theatre department. She’s one of the most dynamic and friendly individuals and I’m pretty sure her blood is actually Furman Purple instead of red. She loves this school with all of her heart and that was one of the first things I knew about her when I was a prospective student a few years ago. She is always ready to talk about this school with anyone at any time and was actually a really big reason why I ended up choosing Furman.

Some great questions to ask Clare when you contact her:

  • How did you get your concussions?
  • Why did you choose Furman?
  • What was your study abroad experience like?
  • What’s your favorite Furman memory (with a faculty member/living on campus/onstage)?

Clare, like the other admissions counselor, is an incredibly cool person. She’s here to help you along through the application and decision process. Picking a college can be a really stressful experience, but with admissions counselors, you have an inside scoop on what the college is really like and you can make great connections before you even arrive on campus!

You can contact Clare at for more information on her various college adventures and why you should choose Furman to call home!



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