Stages of First Exams

There’s a week or two after about the first month of the semester is over when everyone starts having their first exams in their new classes. It isn’t midterms. It isn’t finals. It’s just everyone getting back to the unfortunate grind. The library starts filling up, people start spending their Saturdays studying, and you can see the struggle in their eyes.

There’s also a lovely aspect of it. People you don’t know offer you emotional support because the grind is relatable. You start exchanging sympathetic greetings with people on campus because everyone is just kinda tired, but you’re all making it!

Here are some comedic gifs that I think accurately describe the feelings of many students during the season of first exams!

  1. Denialno no no denial GIF
  2. Tiny attempts to studyread beauty and the beast GIF
  3. Sorta studyinghuman dog GIF
  4. Actual studying (the day before).  math studying GIF
  5. Receiving THE EXAM study studying GIF
  6. Mind blankness.dead fuck my life GIF
  7. Freedom
  8. Feeling like a genius just because you took a test.albert einstein vintage GIF by US National Archives


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