Basketball @ Furman

“Imma let you finish, but College Basketball is one of the best sports of all time.” -Abby Mathai

To clarify, I mean that as a statement of fact, not as an opinion.

new floor

As you might know, the regular college basketball season is coming to an end and post-season is about to start. At Furman, the Men play their last home game tonight meaning it is also Senior Night. So shoutout to all the seniors! And the women’s last home game is this Saturday!

Another fun fact for all you basketball fans coming to Furman – the SoCon basketball tournament begins next weekend. You know what else begins next weekend? Spring Break. Basically it’s a sign that if you’re a Furman basketball fan you should be spending your first days of spring break watching the SoCon.

And if you’re wondering, yes I will definitely miss the regular season as it comes to an end, but there is a lot of basketball left to play and we’re not done yet.

So if you’re a true Furman fan, show up loud and proud to the basketball games. Cheer loud, cheer often, and most importantly – Go DINS!


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