Bringing new programs to Furman!

As a prospective Furman student, I’m sure you’re involved in a multitude of organizations and activities. Some of them are probably very meaningful to you and valuable when you consider which college to attend. The good news about Furman is that if you happen to come here and don’t find the exact program or activity you’re interested in,  then by all means bring it to campus!!

My friend, Terryl Cronic, is a perfect example of this. Her senior year of high school, Terryl began volunteering as a Puppy Raiser for the Guide Dog Foundation. The Guide Dog Foundation works to provide guide dogs for blind and visually impaired individuals. Terryl works as a puppy raiser which involves socializing puppies who will grow up to be guide dogs by introducing them to various situations and environments so that they’ll be well adjusted when they are formally trained to be guide dogs.


I can personally attest to the fact that being a puppy raiser is very fulfilling and meaningful to Terryl. She brought the program to Furman during her freshman year. Housing, Heller Service Corps, and the SOAR office were all very cooperative in helping her affiliate Furman with the Guide Dog Foundation.


This year, she has been puppy raising Rachel, commonly referred to as Rachel the Guide Pup. Rachel and Terryl are both classmates of mine this semester, and they both sit very still and quietly through class! Terryl brings Rachel to meals, social events, classes, etc and trains her on how to behave in various arenas.


As you can see, Rachel is a sweet and valuable part of our campus, and many people besides Terryl have enjoyed her part of campus life the past few months!




Just like the Guide Dog Foundation, you can bring your involvements from high school and incorporate them into Furman’s campus if they are not already available. The campus will become better for it!



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