Research and Interactive Learning

At Furman, research is an important part of our education. Every department incorporates it in some way or another and there are many active research projects going on at any given point. A large portion of the Furman Advantage is that it gives us the opportunity to do undergraduate research, providing students with an academic and professionally fulfilling experience.

It also means that many of our professors have done research. As a member of the psychology department, I’ve experienced the benefits of this. The psychology department is consistently known for its research and many of our professors have been doing research since long before their time at Furman. I did not realize how advantageous this was until this semester.

I’m in a landmark psychology class this semester known as Research Methods and Statistics. This class is infamous among students for its rigor and time/work load, all of which are accurate assessments. However, it has been so valuable to have an experienced and renowned researcher, Dr. Einstein, teach us the ins and outs of doing research ourselves. At another university, I would be hard pressed to find a class that allows me hands on research experience in a 14-person class with a discussion based teaching-style.

It’s only midterms, and I know exponentially more about research and psychology than I did previously. This class helped me realize how beneficial the individualized education provided by Furman is, and it is not just available in the psychology department. Every department I’ve been involved with here has not involved me sitting in a lecture hall trying to capture every word in my notes. It’s been interactive and personal, providing me with a better educational experience and better relationships with my dedicated professors!

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