Balling On a Budget

This edition of balling on a budget is brought to you by Spring Break. As you might know Spring Break is next week!!!! Your first thought might be what should I do for spring break? And if that is your first thought, your second thought might be what can I afford to do for Spring Break?

If this describes your train of thought here are some tips on Balling on a Budget: Spring Break Edition.

spring break2

  1. If you want to go out of town, find people to split the cost of housing with. Sometimes hotels are the more expensive options, so look for an Airbnb or a friend’s house to crash at.
  2. Buy snacks ahead of time, so you’re not buying food every time you get bored/peckish.


  1. CARPOOL. Do not waste money on driving of all things.
  2. Pull some cash out before you go. Using cash instead of a card helps you keep track of how much you’re spending. Your future self will thank your past self.
  3. It’s Spring Break – have fun.

spring break

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