The Student/Faculty Program of SCICU: South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities

If you are participating in summer research in the future, you should be aware of the grants available through SCICU: South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities.

Every spring, you can apply for grants that will help fund your research that you are completing through Furman. These grants allow students to go the extra step in providing the funds to assist students and faculty for engaging in a research experience. After completing your research, you will present your findings and analysis at the research symposium that following spring.

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SCICU describes the research program and how it encourages and allows students to explores careers in research:

“Developed by SCICU in 1995, the the research program for students and faculty is designed to strengthen educational programs for students attending member institutions by providing quality undergraduate research experiences. On an annual basis, SCICU raises funds from benefactors to conduct this initiative, issues a call for grant proposals, assembles an evaluation committee of faculty members who select the proposals to be funded, issues the funds for the projects selected, and organizes a symposium at which each student presents their research findings. For fiscal year 2016-2017, $90,000 was awarded to fund student/faculty research proposals.”

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On February 22nd, Furman students presented at the SCICU student/faculty research program symposium this past week at Milliken & Company. I had the opportunity to present my research on the Early History of Radio in South Carolina.

My professor and research advisor, Dr. John Armstrong, has been working on the project, specifically looking at the history of broadcasting in the state. The research we did looked into the first radio stations in the state of South Carolina. Thanks to SCICU’s grant program, I was able to travel to look further into research findings to contribute to my analysis and conclusions on early radio in South Carolina.

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